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Aubrey E. McClain

Middle School English/Language Arts Teacher

National Writing Project Teacher Consultant  

Welcome to My Professional E-Folio

This site has been developed to showcase my work as an educator. It includes my personal history and educational journey, my work with students as a teacher, as well as my work with teachers as an instructional coach and principal. I welcome you to peruse this site to get to know who I am as a person and an educator.  


In the spring of 2014, I had the opportunity to take a group of 30 teachers, administrators, and support staff to the Ron Clark Academy. This was an exciting experience for the staff and inspired each of us to bring our best game for our students! 

I was able to attend the annual conference at The Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta, Georgia in June of 2013.  Getting to meet Ron Clark and talk with him one on one was one the highlights of my educational journey!  Ron and the work he has done with underprivileged students has inspired me to be the best teacher I can be.  I want to see students succeed but also know that excuses are not acceptable.  They are in charge of their own destinies!  


In 2013 my school, Richfield Public Shool Academy, became a Leader in Me school.  We also had our 6th grade team pilot the implementation of Ron Clark's Essential 55 - a set of life/classroom rules.  They have had an amazing transformation as an entire group.  Last year we had difficulty finding guest teachers to work with this group; now guest teachers leave wonderful notes about how they are the best group ever.  It has taken much work, but our teachers have embraced the Essential 55 and so have our students.  


In 2015 our school at the main campus (grades 3-8) implemented The Essential 55 due to the success of our 6th graders.  Coupled with the Leader in Me model, we are working toward changing the lives of the students who enter through our doors.  




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